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Blockchain Press & News Service

A disruptive PR distribution platform that lets you pay to send your PR with crypto and track it on the blockchain

About Us

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AWC was formed to serve as a peer-to-peer platform for the facilitation of Defi and NFT projects. The Club is for “invited members only” creating exclusivity by design. Within The Club, there are opportunities for like-minded members to exchange investment thoughts, ideas, and strategies.

Members are encouraged to share the discovery of rising artists, burgeoning inventors, small businesses, turn around financial opportunities, relaunches, M&A opportunities, create ways to right social or civil injustices, and identify and fund worthy causes.


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Our database has amassed over 419 million records. These highly profitable contacts include full name, physical address, email address, telephone numbers, social media, DOB, ethnicity, IP Address, referral source, investment portfolio, investment risk, hobbies, own/rent, annual income, debt-to-equity score, and where legally available, personal credit information.

Commercial email campaigns have a 1% -5% open ratio, which typically results in a 5% click through. Conversely, AWC achieves a ratio of 19-35% while continually exceeding a click through of 40%.



Active World Rewards Token (AWRT) is an ERC-20 Token found on the Ethereum Network. It is the native rewards token for the Active World Club (AWC) ecosystem of Sports betting, Video gaming, Casino gaming, Auctions, and the AWC NFT marketplace.  AWRT was created and launched in August 2021, and has been live on the AWC Exchange, for P2P trading by AWC members, since September 2021.  Our mission is to create a platform that decentralizes, democratizes, and demystifies finance opportunities through the use of cryptocurrencies. 

About AWC PR Wire

AWC PR Wire - Your exclusive blockchain press release network

AWC PR Wire is a best of breed media distribution network.  To date,we are the only PR Company that allows you to pay with our native token, while tracking your PR submission on the blockchain.

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Our Packages

Please select from one of the packages below to send your PR

Single Send

  • PR sent to 22,000 New Outlets.

  • PR sent to 500,000 investors.

$149/19 million AWRT


  • PR sent to 22,000 New Outlets.

  • PR sent to 2,500,000 investors.

$549/69 million AWRT


  • PR sent to 22,000 New Outlets.

  • PR sent to 3,500,000 investors.

$749/95 million AWRT


  • PR sent to 22,000 New Outlets.

  • PR sent to 5,000,000 investors.

$1,049/132 million AWRT


Our Data

Track our data on the blockchain

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